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Where to get really good food and why you should

Imagine you could lose weight or change your blood fat profile (e.g. cholesterol) without changing the amount of animal products you eat, but only the diet of the animals.

This might sound a bit far-fetched, but it has actually been proven to happen more than once! Studies have been done checking certain health parameters in the blood and also weight when the type of animal products people consume where changed from standard feedlot to pasture reared. Diabetics lost weight, blood fat profiles (e.g. cholesterol) improved and more benefits were seen in within as little as 3 months’ time.

When animals are allowed to roam, eat natural, pesticide-free food from the pasture and at times get fed some high omega 3 foods, such as flaxseeds, the results are wonderful for both the animals themselves and anyone using the animal products as a part of their diet.

When we respect animals and treat them according to their own needs it is good for us too! Remember, this includes eggs, milk products and meat.

Even the taste has been proven to be preferred by most people when blindly given standard feedlot vs pasture reared animal products.

Similar principles apply to pesticides for those who eat mainly vegetables and fruit. Pesticides that have the potential to interfere with anything from metabolism (blood sugar, blood fats) to immune system and cancer development increase immediately in a diet which is high in pesticide treated foods.

In children, when their urine is tested for pesticides within a few days of changing over from organic food to conventional foods they reach levels 4 times higher than what would be seen as safe and 6 times higher than when they would be having organic produce only.

Clearly, there are so many advantages to having pasture reared and pesticide free foods! It tastes better, is so much better for your health and quality of life all round. In addition, you also have the opportunity to support local small farmers.

We would like to help you get as close as possible in contact with the farmers, producers and distributors of pesticide free and pasture reared foods and have made a list of contacts for various areas. If your area is not included and if you know about more good contacts we could share, please let us know:


Cape Town




Southern Cape – Mossel bay to Plettenberg bay


Port Elizabeth




Kwa-Zulu Natal