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Mineralife Manganese

3 Month supply of Manganese. Manganese supports blood sugar management, fat metabolism and healthy hormone balance.




Potential benefits of Manganese include:

  • Vital for blood sugar management
  • Improves fat metabolism
  • Supports healthy bones and joints
  • Enhances brain and nerve function
  • Strong antioxidant
  • Reduce histamine levels

Suggested use:

  • Adults, 2.5ml (1/2 cap) daily in water or juice.
  • Children under 12, 1.25ml (1/4 cap) daily in water or juice
  • 2mg og Manganese per 2.5ml

For more detailed usage instructions for babies and toddlers or prevention and therapeutic use, consult your health practitioner for instructions or ask the embracelife team to put you in contact with a qualified practitioner familiar with the product.


  • Manganese
  • Other ingredients: Reverse Osmosis Water. Ionic Manganese from ionized Manganese Chloride,  Natamycin, Nisin (100% natural, protects freshness)


If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition consult your medical practitioner before taking the supplement. Discontinue and consult your health practitioner if adverse effects are experienced. Keep out of reach of children.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of a competent health care professional for your specific health concerns.


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